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This Is The Link-Building Strategy You’ve Been Missing!


There was a time when a link-building strategy was based on getting a high quantity of backlinks to and from a page. Today, Google scores the relevancy and quality of a link more than the quantity. 

Google is evolving just as humans do and it has changed to accommodate finer ways to help one optimise their website. Links and high-quality content are two of the three key ranking variables for SEO, according to Google. Your aim for your website should be to get backlinks to websites with high domain authority and incorporate relevant links within your content. 

Now, this might all sound a bit complicated so let’s start with the basics. Let’s first understand what exactly link-building is, and how it is related to SEO and then discuss the ways you can improve your link-building strategy. 

What Are Link-Building And Backlinks?


Creating links to your website can be done in essentially two ways: internally and externally. Because they originate from other websites, external links are more difficult to obtain. It’s simple to start with internal linking because you have complete control over it. You may enhance your utilisation of internal links and improve SEO for your business with a little bit of work and careful planning. 

The greatest approach is to produce top-notch site content in order to acquire external links. Take the help of a content writing agency to help you get started with high-quality content so that it is easier to get links for your website. Another whitehat SEO technique you can use is to get in touch with bloggers and other influential people to inquire about guest blogging opportunities. Never use black hat SEO techniques, such as buying links. Links from spammy websites lead them to backfire. 

Similar principles apply to your website when using internal links, or links connecting internal pages of the same domain. As long as the internal linking is done properly and not in a spammy manner, a large number of internal links going to a specific page on your site will provide Google with a signal that the page is valuable.

Let us now look at some of the ways in which you can create a strong link-building strategy for your website. 



You can design infographics for building backlinks because they are one of the simplest ways to generate backlinks. Infographics have a 30x higher reading probability than traditional articles, according to Digital Information World. 

Infographics are the ideal synthesis of text and images. The majority of infographics are aesthetically pleasing and frequently include relevant facts about a certain subject that readers can quickly scan through.

More importantly, effective infographics may increase traffic to your website, create tonnes of high-quality backlinks, and help your content go viral.

Become Newsworthy 


The best way to get backlinks to your website from other sites is by publishing valuable, relevant and original content. You can either choose to make it to the news by launching new products, conducting innovative research, through your campaigns and having it reported in publications. Or, you can pick up on the most relevant news and write about how it affects you and your industry. For example, a news item about the increase in veganism could be a great talking point for a vegan pizza brand. This is a great link-building strategy. 

Gaining the interest of the press, bloggers, and news media is a tried-and-true method for gaining links. Giving something away for free, introducing a fantastic new product, or making a controversial statement can all be effective ways to do this. To succeed in SEO, you need to have a great brand because so much of it revolves around developing a digital representation of your brand in the real world. If you are not sure how to go about this, you can take the help of a digital marketing agency

Hop On To Social Media 


One thing you must always remember is that social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook have a high domain score. Use SemRush to check this or ask your SEO company what the score for your website is. Therefore, if you have a great presence on social media, your chances of getting discovered are high. 

Social media networks have transformed marketing, and they can greatly aid your attempts to establish links and recruit guest bloggers. You are doing your brand a disservice if you are not active on social media. 

Share fresh updates, photos, and posts to show that you’re engaged. Share your content on social media in additional locations to assist your audience in finding what they want to see.

Even if you’re new to social media, you may quickly increase engagement by becoming active there. As a result, you’ll expose your website and brand to additional users who might share your greatest articles with their intended audience. This will enhance your link profile and increase your overall visibility.

Guest Posting 

Guest posting is a way to write for other websites and have your article linked back to your own. The tradeoff for the hosting website is that they might ask for a guest post on your website and have it linked back to theirs. It sounds complex but it isn’t really. 

This is a great technique to build backlinks only if both the websites exchanging guest posts share similar (or relevant) target audiences. So a car company writing about organic foods might not make the cut but a car company writing about the importance of good tyres fits well.

Mass guest blogging solely for links is a thing of the past. You shouldn’t publish an article on a blog with no authority or that isn’t related to your niche in order to obtain a backlink.

That kind of guest posting is ineffective. Because you’re not guest posting to offer value, the search engines may tell you’re being dishonest.

By giving you additional chances to link back to particular items or other internal pages, maintaining a blog helps improve internal links. Remember to include links from social media websites as well. However, make sure you and your team don’t follow any unethical means to garner backlinks or that will hamper your performance. 

All the best! 

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