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The Smartest & Quickest Content Promotion Strategies


If you work with blogs, emails, articles, and social media content, you are aware that simply creating is insufficient. To increase traffic to your blog, great content must also have a strong content promotion strategy.

The core of content marketing is promotion, and you can really increase strategic techniques to assist in reaching your target audience. Otherwise, all you put into it will be in vain. You should therefore devote considerably more time to promotion than to create.

The work-promoted-to-work-produced ratio is taken seriously by content marketers who have a propensity of working smart while their rivals labour hard. In terms of manhours, it’s a full day dedicated to coming up with innovative ways to advertise a blog that took two hours to write. That could seem like a demanding amount of time. 

In this blog, I disclose some of the really content promotion strategies that you can deploy once you have produced enough content. 

What Is Content Promotion? 

Content Promotion

The process of disseminating blog posts and other resources through both paid and unpaid channels, including PPC advertising, influencer outreach, social media, email marketing, etc., is known as content promotion. Especially in our contemporary content-heavy market, you want to get your newly developed material in front of as many people as you can to have an influence on your brand.

The ability to effectively promote information through various channels is just as crucial in today’s marketing environment as having high-quality content itself in order to reach the broadest possible audience. You don’t want to spend to reach people who won’t convert, especially if your paid approach plan is the main focus.

Enable Social Media Sharing 

Sharable content

Definitely among the “must-have features” of content promotion begin with social sharing buttons. You should include this option with your social sharing buttons if you want your audience to share your blog on their preferred social networks. 

Keep in mind that social shares are crucial for driving traffic and boosting trustworthiness. Don’t forget to include these buttons in your articles if you want to increase brand exposure with your fantastic blog posts and material. It won’t help if you include too many social sharing buttons. Instead, it will have a detrimental effect on your audience because they might be confused. 

There are many WordPress plugins that will allow you to incorporate social sharing buttons on your articles and help you increase your blog’s reach. You must ask your blog content writing agency to write highly valuable and unique content that has a high reshare value. 

Long-Form Content Is Here To Stay 

Long Form

Long-form material performs better today, according to many people who work in the field of content marketing. They also tend to be shared more frequently. Long content hence increases your online presence and conversions.

However, most marketers that simply write to rank better usually miss the mark. This is because they fail to sustain SEO with human psychology; meaning writing for humans first and then the algorithm. Giving real value to the readers is important. A reader will only read till the end and further share the content with friends, family and colleagues if they find the content to be highly valuable. Consider the fact that people are searching for solutions, and that long-list articles and instructions are incredibly beneficial and thorough sources of knowledge.

While short-form blogs are fit for the purpose of sharing news and other important information, long-form content in the form of blogs or thought leadership articles on platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn can help harness a loyal reader base. You can take the help of a content writing agency to strike the right balance between long-form and short-form content that is meaningful and is being worthy of being shared. 

Connect With Influencers & Experts 


To be honest, if you’re not a well-known influencer it will take you some time for people to recognise your brand, and what it stands for and generate a loyal fan base. One way to accelerate your reach is to collaborate with influencers and industry experts and cross-pollinate your and their fanbase. This is an excellent way to and an effective content marketing tactic. 

Moreover, if you are able to collaborate with industry experts, you can interview them, quote them and publish exclusive content that none of your competitors have. This can really increase the trust your readers have in you and raise your credibility in the market. Additionally, it raises the authority you have on search engine result pages (SERPs), following Google’s E-A-T principle (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) and therefore improving your organic position on Google.  

Video Format 

Video Format

You should use every available method to deliver your messages and may even help you with content personalisation. Some people don’t like reading blogs, while others would rather read than watching a video.

You should take this as an opportunity to offer information in a visual style for those who like it. Another reason is that engaging how-to blog posts and instructions that contain videos help the audience overcome obstacles, thus providing value. 

It is also an excellent tool to rank high on SERPs if you are able to add keywords not just in your video but in the description, the transcript, and the title and add the right tags. If you are not sure how to make the most of this, ask your SEO agency to optimise your video for the search results. 

Your content deserves a fanbase that will value the advice you offer and stick with your brand. Therefore, spend just as much on the distribution as you do on production. As you produce more traffic, prospects, and sales, you will soon notice that the ROI increases. 

All the best! 

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