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6 steps to Powerful SEO Content Writing for Organic Rankings & Traffic!

6 tips for seo content writing

By now much has been written about SEO no doubt and over the last few years. Content writing and its influence on organic rankings and traffic has been the talk of the digital world. Combing SEO and Content are critical to digital success in 2020 and beyond. We have put together 6 steps to succeed with SEO content writing to make it easier for all entrepreneurs, businesses, start-ups who write content themselves, and for digital managers and marketing professionals who want to understand what SEO content writing is all about. It would be a good idea to check out our SEO 2020 trends after you have read this piece.

Before you publish content that search engines and users will love, its best to know what is good seo content writing.

What is unique SEO content? | How to write and check high quality content? | How to structure SEO content? | What is a content calendar & why is it important? | What are the important components of SEO content?

6 steps to Powerful SEO Content Writing for Organic Rankings & Traffic! 1

1. Every one Talks about Unique SEO Content

This incidentally is a critical component of SEO content writing. It is difficult with competitors, bloggers, influencers writing regularly but this is where you need not just smart content writers but also a long term content strategy planned in advance. The uniqueness of content is not just in being plagiarism free but involves presenting content with different angles, stories, etc Being true to your reader’s needs will ensure better SEO rewards. As a business owner, you might be worried about the uniqueness so you can run some basic duplication checks with free tools or use paid tools like a Copyscape or quetext.

2. What is High Quality SEO Content?

Quality is highly subjective and could mean different things to a writer, editor, and reader. An understanding of the customers and website metrics will help in creating good quality content. Webpages that have low bounce rates, high dwell time, see more link clicks to leads, or sales are your guidelines for recreating the content magic. Remember to add relevant keywords that are a natural part of the content and forced to fit. Hire SEO content writers who understand on-page website SEO for better results.

3. Tech has evolved and language, spelling, and grammar need not be a worry

Think like a reader, how would you feel if you came across misspellings and grammatical errors while reading content on a new website which you were considering to buy from or on the blog of a popular brand website whose products you are already using. Naturally, I won’t enjoy reading such an article or blog and that means a lost prospect and added bounce rate. Proofreading content before posting on your website or blog is a must. Most professional content writing agencies will use tools like Grammarly or quetext and as a client, you can subscribe to these too depending on your content volumes.

4. Structure your SEO Content Writing Topics

A reader expects an answer or a solution to a query. Good content draws a reader right from the headline to the very end of the page however long the article. The trick lies in the structuring of each piece of content. This means you plan your content before you start writing it. Use Power words in headlines, use keywords in subheads, add bullets for easier understanding and mark content bold / italics to highlight important sections of the blog.

5. Images and Videos are important for retention and SEO content success

Visuals are a way of life today. With camera phones, content has seen a dramatic change in the way it is written and consumed. Real pictures, examples, infographics, videos to illustrate information all improve engagement metrics and power your SEO content writing efforts.

6. Dynamic Content Strategy and Content Calendar are IMP

Your target audience will drive your content strategy no doubt but be prepared to adapt to changes in the way content is consumed. Prepare a content calendar well in advance, brainstorm on what should be avoided, what should be emphasized and creatives to be used, etc. Sticking to the calendar is important if you want SEO content writing to deliver results. Having content in advance will allow you to increase the frequency of posts if the situation demands and will also help you boost your Social Media traction.

Your customers are a mix of genders, education, lifestyle and so much more. There is no magic pen to write content to please every type of customer but regularly evaluating your content engagement data will ensure you are relevant and liked your readers and by google for SEO friendly content writing on your website.

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