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Search Engine Optimisation – Why You should Avoid the Black Hat Method

One of the good signs of entrepreneurs and online business owners realizing the importance of their online businesses is the fact that Search Engine Optimization seems to be taking center stage in marketing plans. This no doubt is an important part of internet marketing but has been ignored in the wake of quick return ideas promoted by many.

The realization that SEO can not only result in long term search engine rankings but also results in some of the most relevant customer acquisitions has brought about a sea
change in the way Search Engine Optimisation was perceived.

While SEO can be approached in many ways what needs to be clearly understood is the difference between the right and the wrong. The terminologies to do Search optimisation wrt to Internet Marketing Services are called the ‘White hat’ method and the ‘Black hat’ method. I am sure the words White and Black have clearly communicated what each method stands for.

I will delve in the Black Hat Method in this post and then visit the White Hat SEO in my next.

Many a times in business one takes decisions which would either harm competitors (websites in this case) or many a times harm your own websites while attempting to topple competition, such an approach to gain what we call Google Juice (An important bunch of reasons why Google thinks yours is an important website to rank) is the predominant feature of Black hat SEO. It is a practice which is not liked by search engines and SEO practitioners. The biggest risk is that your website can be banned from the search engines listings and THAT will surely hurt because even today a very high number of users do use search engines to search, research, compare and buy products and services.

Needless to say getting banned by search engines will hurt your organizations Image which no businessman would ever want. Reputation and credibility are critical to succeed in an online business. Thus the better way is to go steady with a good strategy and a good SEO agency who know the difference between black hat seo and white hat SEO techniques and will follow the right search engine optimisation methods for your website. Customisation is the key to success in any Internet Marketing plan.

So what’s the stuff that qualifies as the unwanted Black Hat methods.

*Inserting Invisible Texts on web-pages so that they are only visible to search engines and not to the visitors of the website.*

* Keyword Spamming – Over Stuffing Keywords on site pages just because it means more content and more keywords. No doubt it’s an arty thing for a content writer but what about the visitor who has to bear with the unsolicited text. Think reputation when doing this please!!*

*Creating irrelevant pages whose objective is to lead to other pages. One of the key aspects of SEO is to interlink website content. This is to ensure that spiders are able to find all the pages on the website index them. Such pages are also termed as doorway pages which are merely put up as dummies which the website users would never find.

There are more techniques and I would not be wrong in presuming that many new techniques are being developed.

What you need to do is to steer clear of any Search Engine Optimisation techniques that Break search engine norms, present data or content unethically, present a different page to the visitor as compared to what is shown to search engine spiders or create a poor environment for the user who could turn into a prospect.

Risk being banned by the Search Engines or enjoy the fruits of active white hat SEO techniques forever, the choice is yours. See you on the white hat blog post soon.

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