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Achieve Online Success with a Mobile First Design Approach

Going with “Mobile First Design” means that we start the website design from the perspective of a mobile device user and then adapt its features and functionalities to a tablet or desktop version.

An Interesting Case for Mobile First Design.

The undeniable truth about internet consumption is that Mobile is one product that cannot be ignored by marketers. It is an integral part of almost everyone’s life. And if you think that it’s just so with the youth then I am going to ask you to reconsider, especially if you are in the medical profession or anything that has to do with medical products and services. But there are other businesses like real estate, hiring, and just about everything where the decision-makers are experienced 40+ individuals. Just because someone has crossed into their 50’s doesn’t mean they are not using a mobile device. And I must add that an older audience is in more critical need of mobile first design experiences that are nothing short of excellent. I recently read a very interesting piece about how Pfizer’s strategy to refocus its mobile experience, by prioritizing website speed and accessibility to deliver its best customer experience yet resulted in huge gains. Why? Why should a multinational like that with massive market presence worry about improving mobile website experience?

Every day you are competing with better digital experiences. Today it is more important than ever to craft experiences that can win over consumers.

The mobile web remains and is going to be the most widely used platform across the world. People have more ways than ever before to search, browse, and shop. So your business must have a rock-solid mobile first wesbite design approach, but that alone is not enough. Business growth requires fast loading UX driven website designs to meet consumer expectations. Increase in bounce rates, drop in time spent on the site(dwell time), lower engagement rates, shopping cart checkout drops, and many more data points will tell you that you are goofing up with user time.

The majority of business websites that want to be customer-focused seem to have accepted that content is the way forward and yes that is the correct step but what about the delivery of this exceptional content. Shouldn’t that meet the consumer’s need to access it quickly, easily, and on their primary medium of consumption – the mobile? While investments in good quality of content writing are a must and many companies employ professional content writing companies, the returns from this investment can only be reaped if the content is available to users at with a curated mobile first design approach. Else you will lose out to the competition.

Even today, I see websites taking 10-15-20 seconds to load on mobile browsers. Let’s leave aside those that take longer and trust me there are many in that category. So what’s the ideal website pageload time you might ask? The ideal website page load should be less than 5 seconds. Is this possible? Absolutely! There is enough and more tech available to ensure that your business website delivers the perfect mobile web experience that will not only engage your prospects and customers but also have them talking about it and make sure they come back to you for more.

You need to be relevant today and for the near future. With a website that meets mobile first design & load speed standards, you will be able to make more information accessible quickly which will add value to user experience.

Mobile web design is just one big part of the user experience matrix today. Having said that you will need to think about how it works alongside other marketing channels like TV, Radio, or print. You should not forget that customers interact with a brand at multiple touchpoints. And in your attempt to deliver a cohesive brand experience that will surprise and delight you should not forget the most loved marketing device is in the hands of your customers.

The very basis of being relevant in the digital world is to create mobile first experiences that will help the customers complete their search to purchase journey smoothly. Your customers are depending on it and so is your success.


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