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Growth Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing What Is The Key Difference?


Say you have certain goals in mind for your business’s marketing plan. This could be in terms of lead generation, increase in sales, higher engagement with the audience, etc. Growth marketing vs. digital marketing, what would your marketing team choose to attain these goals for your business? 

That sounds like a trick question to answer but is far from being tricky if you know the difference between growth marketing and digital marketing. 

One might think that both these terms are interchangeable. Though both these are used to execute a marketing plan, growth marketing and digital marketing both play a unique role in the execution process. 

So, what is the answer? 

The techniques you use to attain these marketing goals become your digital marketing tactics. For example, you may run PPC ads to generate leads, email marketing for revenue and social media marketing to create long-term relationships with your target audience. 

On the other hand, knowing which technique works best for your business is the answer you will find through growth marketing. It involves tweaking the marketing plan for goal attainment, running experiments and continuously measuring the returns on the marketing techniques. 

Still haven’t quite understood the prime difference? It can get a bit complicated, so keep reading because this blog is loaded with examples to help you figure out what your business needs between growth marketing vs. digital marketing. 

What Does Growth Marketing Look Like? 


Think of the growth marketer of your company as the sailor of your ship. They’re in control of the wheel because they have a clear sight of the ocean and know exactly when to manoeuvre the ship to prevent it from hitting an iceberg and successfully reaching the destination port.  

As a growth marketer, you need to either adjust your approach or invest that time, money, and effort into a marketing tactic that will help you reach your goals if one digital marketing strategy, like email marketing, isn’t driving your business toward its growth objectives.

Your business can put growth at the core of your marketing plan. Growth marketing emphasises the following in particular:

  • Deciding on marketing strategies based on data
  • Using testing and experimentation to accelerate business growth
  • Marketing strategies that increase sales and overall business expansion.

Although digital marketing offers a variety of marketing strategies, it is not a methodology that informs your marketing choices with a strategic perspective. Contrarily, growth marketing starts with a strategy and helps you to put into practice the marketing strategies that will best support the unique growth objectives of your business. 

What Does Digital Marketing Look Like In Light Of Growth Marketing? 


If a growth marketer is the sailor of your ship, digital marketing is the ship itself. It is the mode of transport that will sail you towards the end goal or destination. 

Just like there are many modes of water transportation, there are a variety of digital marketing techniques available that your business can use. Some time ago we shed light on social media marketing vs. digital marketing and revealed the contrast between the two. So you must now know that social media marketing is one of the forms under the digital marketing umbrella. Moreover, you can take the help of social media marketing services to reach your digital marketing goals. 

Similarly, digital marketing consists of a variety of marketing techniques such as, the following are a few most popular components of digital marketing: 

  • Email marketing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • PPC or paid search 
  • Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
  • Affiliate Marketing.

Basically, digital marketing is any marketing effort that is carried out on a digital platform. Between growth marketing vs. digital marketing, what digital marketing lacks is a methodology—a mentality that underlies the methods and directs how you should use each of these marketing instruments to succeed in business – the basis of growth marketing.

Key Components Of Growth Marketing Strategy 

How would your business know which digital marketing trends or techniques to deploy? 

By playing keeping the key components of growth marketing close to your marketing plan. These include the following. 

A/B Testing 


One of the key components of a potent growth marketing strategy is A/B testing or split testing. A/B testing is not limited to website layout or lead generation forms. It also expands its reach to email marketing, landing sites, social media ads, and other forms that can all benefit from the usage of A/B testing. 

You can also A/B test for content marketing and find out the types of content that help you get closer to your marketing goals. Moreover, you can experiment with different digital marketing techniques to find out which ones work best for your business. 

Future marketing campaigns can then be tailored to a variant that gives positive results in the test, iterating on your accomplishments to get better results with each test.

Not sure how to successfully conduct an A/B test? Take the help of a digital marketing company to show you the ropes so that you can decide for yourself. 

Cross-Channel Marketing 


According to your audience’s preferences, cross-channel marketing focuses on creating a strategic channel plan to communicate with your audience. These channels may include email marketing, SMS messaging, push notifications, in-app messages, direct mail, and others. 

You should concentrate on the individual user when integrating a cross-channel marketing strategy into your growth marketing strategy in order to understand their communication preferences and then create your campaigns accordingly.

The channels you deploy are heavily influenced by the response you get from each mode of communication. You can even A/B test your channels to know which ones work best. 

Growth Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing, What Does My Business Need? 

Growth marketing will point you in the direction that is best for your business and use digital marketing to attain those business goals. 

Secondly, while growth marketing is a methodology, digital marketing is a technical field of marketing. You can find lots of help to implement digital marketing strategies for such as SEO services, social media services, content marketing, PR, etc. 

Although growth marketing and digital marketing represent two different schools of thought, both are necessary to flourish in the current digital economy. If you are new in the market and have just started your marketing journey, it is suggested that you take professional help to manage at least some aspects of your marketing efforts. 

All the best! 

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