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Blogging Time Management: How to Blog When You Have No Time?

how to blog when you have no time

If you are a brand or an individual that’s aiming for a high online presence, you must already know the role of blogging in your online marketing strategy. Blogging is a part of your online content marketing strategy and is that area of your website which is updated the most regularly with fresh content. Blogging frequently attracts visitors to your website and begins to grow your brand’s presence online. 

While publishing relevant and useful content online through blogging on a regular basis, you cannot do without effective blogging time management. Simply put, effective time management for blogging and content creation. This might be as easy as setting up a weekly calendar for blogging activities and identifying the hours of the day when you’re most effective.

Considering you already know how to publish highly optimised blogs to your website, you also may know that it is time-consuming. Therefore, we decided to help you in managing your blogging timeline. Follow this article till the end to find a way to blog regularly when you have no time. 

Make Notes As You Go Along 

Let’s say you have already decided what to write about this week. On a regular day, you may take about 2 hours to research the topic and then another 2 hours to write the blog. A simple way to further break this process down is to make notes throughout the day. 

Don’t block a separate time in your calendar to research and write the blog in a single flow. You can continue working on other tasks that you have planned for the day. Keep a notebook handy or make notes on your phone on an as-and-when basis. Whenever you have an idea or come across a piece of information that you would want to include in your blog, make a note about it. 

This will save you a lot of time for researching and you can directly get started on writing the blog when you find the time. If you are unable to find the time to write blogs regularly, you can take the help of a content marketing agency to help you with the same. 

Use Templates 

Using templates for your online blog is a wise way to finish writing a blog within a given timeframe. A template for the blog structure may include the word count for the introduction, the word count for each subsection, FAQs and a lot more. The blog structure template will highly depend on what you want to write about and how you want to go about it. 

Once you have a template in place, use it for all the blogs you write. This will not only save you time but create uniformity in all the blogs that you write. 

Know How Much Time You Take To Research, Write & Publish 

Knowing how much time you actually spend on researching, writing and publishing the blog will help you in managing your time for blogging. For instance, you may take about an hour to finalise the topic you want to write about. Then about 2 hours researching the topic, 2 hours to write, half an hour to edit and then another half an hour to publish. If you know that you take between 5 and 6 hours to publish a blog, you can divide the process of blogging based on how much time you take to completely finish your blog 

This way, you do not have to attend to the blog for 6 straight hours. Instead, you can inject time within your daily calendar to finish off the process in bits and pieces.

blog time management

Please Don’t Edit While Writing 

Writing and editing are an art where editing follows writing. Ask any good website content writing service providers and they will tell you the same. If you try to edit the blog while you are writing it, you will find yourself dedicating twice as much time to finishing the blog. Therefore, it is always wise to first finish writing the blog and then edit it to make progress on your blog. This way you not only save yourself from breaking the creative flow but also edit the blog based on the complete idea. 

You Don’t Always Have To Start From Scratch 

If you have already published a considerable amount of blogs to your website, a good way to manage your time for blogging is to optimize the previously written content. 

Although updating older information may need more research and updating it for accuracy, it usually takes less time than creating a brand-new article from the beginning. Review your current content and optimize its keywords, update the content for relevance and update any outdated content. This will fetch you a brand new article in half the time you usually take to write a new article. 

We hope this blog helps you in managing your blogging time effectively. Good luck! 

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