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Basic objectives of Search Engine Optimisation and What is SEO?

So you have people around you talking search engine optimisation and the benefits of good SEO campaign. And in many cases friends, relatives, peers would have tried to impress upon you how good SEO practices helped them increase business visibility and gain traffic. And if you are wondering what in the world is SEO and why is it so much the talk among all those with online presence, let me try to explain.

To begin with let me tell you that SEO has always played an important role in marketing plans of companies relying on the internet as a medium to contact, inform, support, sell and build trust. There is more to it if you really look at the digital medium. It has evolved into an economy and a marketplace of its own. I have already shared my views on the importance of being online and how start building a business website in my past posts, so let’s proceed to SEO

What would happen if you searched “SEO” on google or yahoo or bing? You would get a rather long list of search results pages (SERP’s) which would be too much information leading to confusion in your mind.

So what I am going to do is to help you understand the basic concept of SEO.

At the primary level and the most important one, proper SEO implementation is to help the search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc find your website, index the website pages like a librarian and show it to people when they search using keywords relevant to the index of this library. What this means is that the site will need to me made to certain hygiene specifications and then some additional elements (website design, meta tags, H1,H2….H6 tags, XML sitemaps, etc) are to be included so that search engines index your website pages in the correct manner and present them to a search user for the right set of keywords. If your website has followed best seo practices then the results will be gain in organic traffic and a natural increase in business.

Thus, when we take up an seo project as SEO Consulting service providers, one of the important goals is to send the right signals to search engines. Each search engine follows its own methods of evaluating a website but there are some things which are more important to all search engines and this is where hiring and expert SEO Services Company can help your business.

Today the internet has become 2nd home for many and as it continues to become more personalised, people will have less time to look through multiple search results pages. What does this mean? Well, this means you need to have your website ranked up-there on the first few pages if you want to increase low cost growth traffic and thus make better profits. Whatever your business we can help you achieve rankings on search engine for category / product / service pages with highly relevant keywords. So SEO is is not a critical part of your digital internet marketing plan, then it’s time to review and call us for a meeting.

We will be writing about SEO, Google Ads Campaigns, Social Media and Overall Digital Marketing on this blog. Do visit us again.

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