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B2B Instagram Marketing: Examples & Steps To Follow

B2B Instagram MarketingB2B

Instagram is a strong marketing platform and a brand’s favourite tool to spark engagement, increase visibility and nurture relationships with target audiences. However, if you think marketing strategies on Instagram only work for B2C companies, it is time for you to shift your perspective. The truth is B2B Instagram marketing shines as much as marketing for influencer marketing and B2C marketing. 

If you run a B2B business, chances are that you don’t know what Instagram really does. So here’s a quick revision for you.

What Does Instagram Do? 

What Does Instagram Do

Well, if I try to answer that question deeply, this ‘quick blog’ might turn into a long guide. So let me just stick to the functional areas of Instagram that are relevant for a B2B company as much as it is relevant for a B2C company. Your Instagram marketing agency can easily be able to help you set up and optimise a profile based on your requirements. 

Instagram is a social networking programme designed for mobile sharing of images and videos. A profile and newsfeed are available to everyone who registers an Instagram account. When you upload a picture or a video, it appears on your profile and is available to others who follow you in their news feed. This implies that you will also get updates from the users you choose to follow. 

Instagram is a really inclusive platform and encourages users to start their personal accounts as well as business accounts. Business accounts on Instagram help you to customise your page with your website links, contact information, social shopping tools among others. These business features have allowed for B2B Instagram marketing. 

I’m not sure that this information convinces you to invest your time and money in marketing on Instagram as a B2B company. So here are some proven B2B Instagram marketing tools and strategies by companies that you can use for your business’s next marketing move. 


Instagram is used by the email marketing tool Litmus to disseminate knowledge. That’s easier said than done when tackling difficult subjects like email deliverability and performance data. Nevertheless, their team succeeds by utilising Instagram carousels. 

They give 18 subject line writing recommendations in the form of carousels. Even quotes, opinions of team members and subject matter specialists can be included. All of this data positions their business as a market leader while delivering valuable information to followers and potential customers.

They share these carousels on their websites and blogs with special plugins. These plugins allow the end users to navigate to Litmus’s Instagram page with the help of a “view on Instagram” button. 

Chili Piper 

With an inbound sales solution that offers cutting-edge qualification, routing, and booking software, Chili Piper assists sales teams in streamlining their daily activities. Their Instagram content and product both appeal to the demands of sales professionals. 

Posts regarding productivity, remote work, and mental health may be found on the Chili Piper Instagram page. Even if they may not be related to sales software, these subjects speak right to the needs of their end customers.

One thing that could be a key takeaway from Chili Piper’s B2B Instagram marketing strategy is that they have used the platform to strike meaningful conversations with their target audiences instead of trying to persuade for purchase. 


Many people have complimented MailChimp’s Instagram, and for good cause. Everything they do, including new information and product introductions, is presented in a quirky, designer-style manner. 

One of the most interesting sorts of web information is video. Accept video in your own unique manner, and don’t be afraid to be inventive. B2B marketers frequently believe their videos need to be polished and direct. On the other side, MailChimp goes above and beyond—even absurdly—to demonstrate its automation options. 

Now that you have some inspiration from the B2B companies that use Instagram for marketing, let us look at a few tips that can help you and your social media marketing agency to create one for your own B2B company.

Display Your Brand Story 

Display Your Brand Story

For your Instagram B2B marketing, your digital marketing agency should know that talking about your brand is crucial. Never try to advertise your company directly on social media sites since it could upset users. However, if you share aesthetically stunning photographs that have a lot of information about your company, people could be curious to take a look.

You need to reach out to your potential customers with content like graphic images and videos that genuinely talk a lot about your business in addition to including your brand description and contact information.

Make sure that your content writing agency uses the feed content section to tell the audience about your brand. To use your goods and services and advocate for you, people need to be aware of your brand.

Show Demos & Working Evidence

Show Demos & Working Evidence

You must streamline your purchasing process as a B2B brand as a part of promoting your local business on Instagram. Make advantage of Instagram to succinctly describe how someone may use your products and services. You may, for instance, post brief explanation films that show your followers how to utilise your goods or services.

In addition, you may offer your company’s product or service reviews, which will inform your followers about your offerings. You may even provide a free trial option to your users, which will guarantee an increase in the number of followers on your Instagram business page and ultimately result in the conversion of your prospective consumers into leads.

Optimise Your Profile & Posts For Search

Your Instagram postings may make use of standard SEO strategies. “Instagram has developed a built-in search feature that functions as its own clone of Google. It’s important to optimise your Instagram profile and content for search since users locate your material in the native app.

Here are some methods for using SEO to make your Instagram page more effective for B2B Instagram marketing and search:

  • In your username, display name, and bio, include your primary keyword.
  • Treat the hashtags in your bio as keywords; doing so increases the likelihood that people will find you while searching.
  • In your image descriptions, include secondary keywords. Utilise them to attract customers whose interests align with those of your goods. 
  • Always remember that social media drives digital connections. You must use it as a platform to establish meaningful relationships with your target audience. 

Steer clear of conventional blackhat SEO methods. If you purchase followers, spam other accounts, or otherwise behave dubiously, Instagram has the power to shadowban you. Don’t strive to gain a following quickly since you can’t.

Instagram is more complicated than Twitter or Facebook, where you may easily distribute material that is pertinent to your business and drive traffic to your website. It calls for a little more perseverance, imagination, and, when necessary, adjustments. Make sure you bring your creativity and technical skillset to the table before creating a B2B marketing campaign on Instagram. 

All the best! 

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