72. What is online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management, also abbreviated as ORM, is the way others perceive you when they search for you online. Hence, online reputation management determines the image of an individual, company, brand or any entity online.

With 2 out of 3 people looking up the internet before making the ultimate buying decision, ORM takes the form of a killer marketing tactic that can make or break a brand. One must assume that everything lasts forever online, since whether the content is outdated or dated years ago, internet holds the key to unlock just about any information with the related user search queries.

ORM is applicable to both organizations as well as an individual looking for opportunities over the internet. Therefore, online reputation management is also called search engine management or internet management. It doesn’t matter whether you access computers anymore or not, since internet has permeated our lives in all forms of digital media, say, smartphones, smart TVs, tabs, websites, blogs, ebooks, ipods and the like.