71. Types of Email bounces - Hard and Soft email bounces?

E-mail is an electronic message which gets exchanged over a network of computers from a source location to its intended destination. A bounced email refers to the mail which fails to get delivered to the recipient. The mail can bounce back after showing in the sent folder due to multiple reasons like mistyped/ wrong email addresses, poor internet connectivity, spam-like emails or sender authorization issues.

These issues are split into two categories of a bounced mail:

Hard Bounce: In case of a hard bounce, the mail fails to deliver to the recipient’s inbox due to a permanent issue like an e-mail id which doesn’t exist or has been misspelt. Here, the mail gets sent but will never deliver to the intended email address.

Soft Bounce: In case of a soft bounce, the mail reaches the recipient’s inbox folder only after a few bounces. This bounce takes place due to temporary issues like poor network, sender’s e-mail related authorizations, temporary suspension of recipient’s account, overloaded inbox of the receiver’s id, any verifications or permissions pending at recipient’s end to facilitate inbox deliveries from specific mailer(s).

If sender fixes soft bounce issues, then the mail gets successfully delivered to the set recipient after a few bounces. However, if the problem persists, then the soft bounced mail gets converted into a hard bounce and the mail format will require the necessary edits for successful delivery.