70. What are footer links on a Webpage?

The term footer implies a bottom position. Links are short for hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are objects you see on a web page which takes you to a new location on the same or different page when you click or tap them. Therefore, we can say Footer links are communication tags placed at the bottom of web pages those allow navigation across different web page urls upon clicks.

While the navigation bar atop any webpage lets users browse around the site, yet footer links play a crucial role in long webpages. This is because the user scrolling down a long webpage has probably moved down and away from the title menu bar, and now footer links allow an easy and quick access to go to different relevant landing pages even from the bottom of the page without having to scroll all the way up.

Hence, footer links generally replicate the links from the header menu bar for ease of user access and further navigation. They also cover clickable tags for contact details, links to social media sites, disclaimers, company’s policy, terms and conditions, locations and similar links storing database which highlights a company’s profile and its offerings.