59. What is Keyword Performance Report?

Keyword Performance report can be found in Google Adwords and can be termed as the backbone of running an optimised Google Adwords campaign. The primary purpose of the report is to provide data about performance of keyword. With the Help of this report an Adwords Manager can have access to critical keyword information Like CPC, Cost, Clicks, Impressions, Conversion including conversion rate, etc. this obviously ensure that you can improve performance metrics.

How can you pull a Keyword Performance Report?

Pulling a keyword report is very simple all you need is to type http://www.adwords.google.com/ in the URL box and enter the User Id and Password to login in to the desired account.

Once you have logged in to the account you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Click on “Client Report” tab.

2. Once the next window opens click on “Report” tab.

3. After you click the “Report” tab you will be directed to the report generating console where you will find the option Keyword performance report. Here you can customize the column as per your requirement and finally click on Create.

4. Once you click on create your report is ready to be downloaded.

How does a keyword performance report help?

As mentioned previously, the different types of information collated from the keyword performance report help to analyze the campaign performance and also provides with enough data to optimize the adwords account more effectively. The Keyword performance report also helps to understand the list of performing and non performing keywords. After a thorough understanding one can add/ remove or edit keywords in the campaign to yield better ROI and get a healthy conversion rate.