60. What is Adwords Search Term Report?

Search term or search query report is one of the most interesting reports available in Google adwords. The search term report shows the keywords which are not only available in the user’s account but the exact relative search terms which are driving traffic. This helps in understanding the users approach to search and also helps us understand how search users behave across different geo locations.

How can you download this report:-

You can easily get the report from your adwords console by following the below steps.

1. Click on “Client Report” tab.

2. Once the next window opens click on “Report” tab.

3. After you click the “Report” tab you will be directed to the search term reporting console were you can customize the column as per your requirement and finally click on create and download the report.

How does a search term report help?

New Keyword Ideas.

Search term report gives you the list of keywords which a customer usually searches in the search engines. Along with the keywords it also gives you a new list of keywords which you might have missed upon.

Filtering Negative Keywords

Filtering keywords from the search query report is one of the best ways to optimize your adwords account, identifying & blocking these irrelevant keywords. Search term report makes sure the relevance of your current keyword & exact nature of your service is highly focused.