58. What is Google Adwords Editor?

The Adwords editor tool is a desktop application which downloads the content and the structure of a particular adwords account and allows the user to make quick and easy changes to adwords campaigns. It allows performing almost every function the user might wish to use through the Adwords Web Interface quickly thereby saving time and allowing for better adwords campaign management.

Splitting Ad groups, especially the one which contains multiple non-text ads could be a manual and a time consuming way. This is when the Adwords editor comes to your rescue. If anyone wants to run a PPC campaign on Google, the user just needs to download the adwords editor. The adwords editor is a very helpful tool to ease your work on PPC campaign and comes in two versions for Windows and MAC with different Interfaces but similar functions.

How does it work?

Let’s check out some of the key features of the editor tool:

1. The User can cut copy paste everything right from a single keyword/ ad or an entire campaign.

2. The User can perform global search and can also replace operations to change any text in Keywords or an ad copy for example. To add to this the user can also bid prices.

3. It Allows the user to view and sort the performance metrics

4. It also has the advance search and Edit feature.

The Google Adwords editor is a tool which can be used by an PPC management experts manager as well as a Beginner who wants to advertise on google.