54. Getting your SEO keywords right?


Getting your Keywords and Keyword phrases right is the first step of improving your organic search results. One must have a clear understanding of how to have the right set of keyword for an SEO campaign.

Keywords research is one of the most important & valuable foundations of good website optimisation. Getting your keywords right is the stepping stone and ranking on them can make or break your online business strategy. By researching keywords you understand market demands and learn which keywords or keyword phrases to target with SEO. It is a key indicator of user behavior on search engines.

Getting traffic to your website is not enough, getting relevant traffic; the right kind of visitors to your website is the thing that will help you grow your business online. Keyword research in SEO has always played a very vital role in the world of Internet marketing.

Best Keyword Research Tips

Where do we get this knowledge about the keywords and how many of these are searched? Google comes to the rescue.

Well, there are plenty of options one can try, but it is suggested that always use trustworthy tools to research your keywords.

Here are few recommended resources that can be used to Research Keywords for SEO.

1. Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool
2. Google Insights for Search
3. Google Trends
4. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

One of the most popular tools for keyword research is the Google’s Adwords keyword tool. Apart from suggesting keywords it also provides with an estimated search volume globally and locally for the keywords. You can also get the search volumes for a specific country by selecting the country in the search settings. The keyword tool also predicts the cost of running paid ad campaigns for the selected terms. Setting the Match type to [Exact] will help determine the search volume for the particular keyword, and the search volumes of the same will reflect under the Local Monthly Searches.

Keyword Ranking for Success

Ranking on a particular keyword or phrase does not happen overnight. SEO is a dedicated time consuming process. It is very important for a person to understand the demand of a particular keyword or a keyword phrase, and also the work which is required to achieve those rankings. If you are just starting on the Internet then ranking can be an uphill task for you as it generally takes over six months or more to get ranked on the search engines.