53. What is a YouTube Channel?

I am sure you are aware of YouTube and have a fair understanding of what it is. If not then you can read what is YouTube in our knowledge center.

Now when you want to upload a video on YouTube and share it your friend and those who visit YouTube , you first need to create an account much like you need create a facebook account or a gmail account. Every account is provided an entry page or homepage, something like a profile page which the YouTube visitors can see this on YouTube is referred to as a channel. This page, or channel, is like an index of what you want to showcase on YouTube. It contains links to every video uploaded by you.

For better understanding, the YouTube channel can be compared to a television channel. In case of a television channel all programs abs shows are controlled in some way by the company which runs that channel likewise you manage content on your YouTube channel. The channels can be of various types and you can read about the types of YouTube channels separately.

The YouTube channel has several features such as video thumbnails with short descriptions, the list of members whom you have subscribed to, Video’s you have picked as favourites and a commenting section where you can view comments left by viewers.

Through a YouTube channel you can find users who have liked same kind of video’s as you have and also find out what they are watching along with the most trending videos on YouTube. Its becoming a social interaction medium for many.

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