15. What is email marketing?

E-mail marketing allows you to communicate and promote business offerings online with potential and existing customers using e-mail as a communication mode. E-mail marketing can be broadly categorized as follows:

Transactional E-mails: These emails are typically auto triggered once the customer has officially agreed to connect with the business by way of subscription, sign-up, logins or sales-related transactions. Transactional emails are used to assist customers by way of password reset mails, order status mails, confirmation and delivery mails, payment gateways confirmation, periodic newsletters and e-mail receipts.

Direct E-mails marketing / promotional email Marketing : These emails are promotional messages aimed to convey special offers or product catalogs to a curated or obtained list of email ids of prospects and customers. These emails can be custom designed and coded to deploy on mobile more effectively to suit the objectives and can be with or without forms.

You can also monitor and analyse your e-mail marketing campaigns with the help of various online tools. Many of these tools help you to personalise and automate your messages in accordance with your target audience and communication.