1. What is Internet Marketing? What is Digital Marketing?

As you are reading this, the number of websites and web pages is increasing by millions across the web, making marketing on the Internet complicated and challenging. Businesses both small and large are groping for long term strategies that would ensure constant and relevant traffic to their online presence.

Internet marketing is the process of understanding, planning and executing a strategic mix of various promotional tools and techniques to reach out to the ever growing audience on the Internet. Digital Marketing is all of Internet Marketing with the addition of mobile and other interactive platforms. The objective may differ for different organizations but the final goal remains the same, to ensure that relevant traffic is got to the website/s to inform, engage, transact and fulfill business requirements. As a digital marketing agency we provide a host of services to brands to fulfill their marketing requirements

So what forms this complex and challenging process? What are the career avenues? Here's a look at some terminologies. We have attempted to explain them better separately.

SEO Consultant or Search Engine Optimization as a Service
Google Ads Campaign Management or Search Engine Marketing aka pay-per-click
Social Media Marketing or Social Media Management
Facebooks Advertising
Instagram Marketing
Mobile Marketing - SMS / MMS / Custom applications
Affiliate Marketing
Viral Marketing
Email Marketing
Geo Fenced Digital Advertising
Landing Pages for Lead Generation
Content Writing Services
And so on..