8. What is website usability and navigation?

What Usability is to web design, Navigation is to the Web site.

Usability is about ensuring better download times. It's also about ensuring that your visitors do not give up on your home page. If users do not find the information they are looking for or if they do not find it quickly, they will look elsewhere and the business will lose a prospect. Usability will depend on your target audience and purpose of your website.

Navigation is a very important aspect of a web site as it helps users find their way around, shows where all they can go within the site. It provides a visual means for demonstrating the hierarchy of information on the web site. Navigation is akin to creating a guide map for the user, to find his way around the website easily, find relevant information, reach a relevant product which he/she wants to buy and quickly purchase it and exit.

A good navigation plan is like providing the website visitor with a well laid out route map to ensure that he finds his way to a solution in the easiest manner possible. A well laid out Navigation plan will also ensure that you are able to guide the user to pages and content which you wish to promote. Good navigation and usability will help you extract better returns on your Digital marketing investments be it SEO, SEM or social media.

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