10. I want to know more about website Design, costs etc?

What kind of content should I have on my website?

An obvious question by all those clients who have never had a website before and find it one of the toughest questions they face.

It's advisable to make a list of the top 10 or 15 questions that your customers would ask you, your staff and all customer contact points. These questions are a good starting point to decide what content to put on your website. The following topics can be deemed as good to fit most websites depending on the nature of your business or organization:

About the Company page -Describe the history of your business/organization and its growth.

About Us -Describe your company's goals, philosophy, mission and vision statement.

Personnel or Team - Detail key personnel within your company within this section.

Our Products - Describe the services that your business offers.

Our Products or Our Product Range - Describe the products that your business offers.

Product or Service Catalogue - Provide a listing and prices of the products/services that you offer.

Order Online or Place Order - Detail how customers can order your products/services.

Contact Us - Provide customers with different ways to contact you or your business. A Map will add a lot of credibility to this page.

How much does a website cost?

Cost of a website depends on your current and future needs. It will also depend on the way you want it designed and programmed, whether you want a back end CMS (Content Management System), if you want to use Flash etc

We have solutions starting at Rs.3500 per website Contact us.

Does it take very long to design a website?

Though it usually takes us between two days to a week to design a web site, the time taken to publish the final version will depend on how soon the client provides feedback and approves changes. Business and e-commerce websites take longer depending on the complexity involved.

We provide all our clients with timelines of project completion for testing and final publishing.

When you design a website, what do you require from a client?

It is important that you as a client, understand and interact with us regularly to ensure that we get the right brief before starting on the final project. Logos, brochures, photographs, company profile, product/service description, testimonials, etc. are required. The best is to create a quick set of documents from all the available internal resources you have.

The agreement obviously precedes the above.

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