13. What points should I keep in mind when outsourcing my Mobile WAP Site or Mobile Applications?

  1. Compatibility with maximum mobile phones and devices.
  2. Go beyond text only applications and sites. A WAP site has to be visually appealing to mobile phone users.
  3. To have your mobile site stand out from the crowd, customization is important.
  4. If you have the budget, experiment with a range of themes, fonts and colors.
  5. Having a basic simple form is a good idea, especially when you want to collect information from potential customers. Decide on the kind of form you would want to have. Simple forms with 3-4 fields are best.
  6. Think of incorporating an email alert feature whenever someone fills a form.
  7. Another nice feature you may want to have is File sharing, where you can allow people to download on their mobile phones.
  8. If you are a company believing in customer feedback, the Comments and Guest Book features are good to have, especially if you want your WAP site to accept feedback from any visitor.

Welcome to the world of Mobile Technology.