29. What is Google juice?

If you have heard about the growing importance of SEO, then you must have heard people talking about a different kind os Juice called "Google juice".

Search Engine Optimisation entails implementing different kinds of strategies. Many of these are done to ensure that a search engine realizes the value of the website and its pages for the their users. Each incoming link from off page seo activity provides your website some positive seo points and this helps you get better search rankings on search engines. The value that Google, the search engine gives to your site, for all the good SEO links you have from other websites is called Google juice. Essentially if the link is coming from a highly relevant and authoritative web page then you get more juice and that's a plus for SEO.

Now how Google calculates this juice is complex and depends on several factors not known to all. Age of domain, age of website, content uniqueness, regular content updates, number of incoming links, value that Google assigns to the sites giving you links etc are some of the factors,.

The more Google juice you have, the more authoritative your website in the eyes of Google, and thus better rankings for your website and its pages.