Special services for NGOs, Non-profits and Charitable Organisations

As a commitment to the betterment of society and towards the benefit of the under privileged, we offer our expertise and experience to all NGO's and Charitable organisations at discounted rates. We help Non-Profit organisations to generate much needed visibility and awareness to attract donors. We help them promote causes/events using the power of online medium with websites, landing pages, Search Marketing campaigns, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing using Twitter/Facebook etc.

Today every well to do individual has access to the internet via mobile phones, laptops, iPads and computer. He/She uses the Internet for search and to access information on a day to day basis. The number of people using the Internet is growing at a very fast pace, thereby presenting you an opportunity to reach audiences with high disposable incomes.

Not many NGO's are aware that the world's largest search engine Google, which is also the largest advertising platform on the internet, offers special promotional credits to NGO's and Non-Profits across the world. We help by taking you through the registration process and once approved, provide our expertise to manage search marketing campaigns for low fees.

We offer trial search marketing campaigns on Google, so you can understand its benefits and thus adopt this as part of the promotional plans to generate awareness and raise funds.

We also offer special Search engine optimization plans for NGO's to help them gain in organic Google search rankings. This increases visibility and increases the chances of raising more funds.

Our offer for NGO's/Non-Profit's/Charitable Institutions :

We hope you are not missing out on the opportunities presented by the Internet as a marketing medium. Leverage the internet today, Contact us now!! .