62. Benefits of Video Marketing for your Business?

Online videos have now become new trend. Needless to say, there has been an Increase visitor engagement from videos over the last few years. This coupled with the fact that the video is an appealing audio-visual medium as compared to content, and has lead to an increase in marketers using videos marketing as part of their Internet Marketing Campaigns. A creative video offers a much better look into the organisation, product and services in a short time and an opportunity to grab the customer’s attention. As an entrepreneur, you always want prospective clients to find what they are looking for, thus making for a better user-experience. Video Marketing offers an alternate route to establish credibility, stand-out and away from the me-toos and can positively impact conversions from your website. Video Marketing scores over content in many cases.

You have less than 5 seconds to gain the visitors attention before they decide to moving to another website. Lets make Video Marketing work for you.

Benefits of Using Video Marketing

1. Videos are now where users are spending more time than content. A video sometimes communicates the message faster.

2. Videos sharing through Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc is on the rise. This adds to your current Facebook marketing campaigns and can boost your Twitter marketing efforts too.

3. Visitors are more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video and why not they get to see the product live.

4. Videos in search results stand to have a higher click through rate than text results.

5. With interesting videos visitors stay longer on web pages and thats a positive for Search Engine Optimisation as we all know that Google rewards web pages where visitors stay longer.

6. The extra time spent on your website also provides an opportunity for better site exploration.

Get your Video strategy in place!

Now that you have realised how important video’s are for marketing, it’s time to get your video strategy in place and quickly get a creative video made of your product & services. Reach us for creating marketing videos and corporate videos.