68. What are anchor tags?

Anchor tags are clickable links on a webpage which take the readers or visitors to different sections of the same webpage. Clicking on anchor tags lets the readers or visitors directly and quickly access different sections of the webpage.

Anchor tags should ideally include keywords to make it sound relevant to the google spider/ crawler or robot, so it can index your text and show it to the traffic searching for the same or similar search term.

Wikipedia is a good example of anchor tags with clickable links sprawling the webpages for ease of user access to intended searched query.

Anchor text is also called link label or link title. Links without anchor text are called naked URLs. Eg. Click here! Although click here also directs you to the information you seek but it is not clearly expressing the keyword it contains the content for.

Search engines can penalize websites manipulating anchor tags. Too many anchor tags or links on a page may be considered irrelevant and could indicate likely spam links or viruses. So focus on creating anchor tags with good clickable keywords relevant to the content it entails and to the user search query.