Analytics Services

Let's begin with the first questions which should come to your mind as an online entrepreneur with regards to data.

Why do you need Web Analytics?

Well, we all know that there is a steady increase in the number of businesses that rely solely on their websites to attract business. This is proof of the lucrative opportunities and advantages of online business models driven by sales and marketing. This obviously means that you would need to know what is happening on your website - how are people moving around, what are they shopping, what's not selling, which are the most visited pages, what pages give you the best ROI's, source of those visitors who "convert" and a lot more analytics data for you to run your business efficiently and profitably. In short, you need to make sure that the investments made are monitored wisely to show the right returns while helping to meet your business goals.

All this information will help you understand and change the portions of your website which are not performing well. All businesses involve decision making, and decision making depends on reliable interpretation of data. This is where our Web Analytics team can help you.

Will Web Analytics help my business?

Of course it will! Meeting objectives and increasing revenue are the primary demands of your business, isn't it? Web Analytics Services can help you meet these demands of your competitive business.

Analytics will help you understand the cost of conversion from various marketing initiatives. This will help you know which campaign or strategy is working best and providing the highest return on your marketing investments.

Analytics can tell you if your money invested is well spent by giving you real data to analyze your present and to take decisive steps to move further in business.

Our Approach to Web Analytics:
There are 5 steps:
1. Setting up basic analytics across the site
2. Define specific objectives
3. Set goals and Implement codes
4. Set reporting parameters
5. Collate, analyze, interpret and report
6. Based on the data optimize the site

After a regular and thorough review of your Web Analytics, our team will advise you on which search engine marketing services are working best for you, whether the e-mailer campaign worked better than the previous ones and how much ROI did it generate compared to other media etc. Critical decisions for SEO and SEM can also be based on analytics data. We will use our expertise and industry knowledge to provide you with reliable guidance and make sure you are never alone.

Making the most of your Web Analytics:

As we get to know you, your business, and your goals we will be able to provide better implementation services. Along with analytics services we recommend a combination of SEO and SEM to ensure optimum efficiencies. A single team managing, analyzing, and implementing changes will mean a faster pace of implementations and better turnaround times.

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